Adding a brand to jump into the tablet market, will the Android tablet segment soon become vibrant?

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After a long time ignoring the Android tablet segment, now many manufacturers are returning to this once “abandoned” market.

In an interview with the media, Mr. Hu Baishan, executive vice president of vivo brand said that the company has been developing its own image processing chip (ISP), which will soon be available. to be announced next September. The first device equipped with vivo’s ISP chip will be the X70 series. Also in this interview, Mr. Baishan confirmed the existence of vivo branded tablets.

Vivo is the next name confirmed to participate in the Android tablet market, which has been “abandoned” for a long time. Previously, realme has confirmed that it will soon launch the realme Pad in the near future, even OPPO and OnePlus also revealed that they will launch an Android tablet in the near future. Xiaomi also recently launched the high-end Mi Pad 5 series after 3 years of neglecting the Mi Pad line.

The fact that Android manufacturers are starting to return to the Android tablet market is a good sign. Because as we all know, the tablet market is not as active as smartphones. If with the smartphone segment, users have countless brands to choose from, especially brands from China, in the tablet segment, iPad is the only tablet that many users think about. For a long time, the tablet market has been completely monopolized by Apple, and only a few Android manufacturers still release tablets regularly, like Samsung or Huawei.

When more manufacturers are involved in tablet development, users will have more choices, as well as competition between the parties, thereby helping users get the best products in a reasonable prices.

When asked about building a separate ecosystem with many product lines such as smart TVs, watches, etc., Mr. Baishan said that vivo currently only has plans for the tablet line. He thinks that tablets have a certain compatibility with smartphones rather than TVs…

Unfortunately, vivo did not reveal any more details about its first tablet. Most likely this device will be called vivo Pad and will be released around the end of this year, or early next year.

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