Germany requires manufacturers to provide 7 years of smartphone updates

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This decision is currently only a proposal and has not been approved.

Specifically, according to Heise Online, the German government recently issued a new proposal that requires smartphone manufacturers to provide 7 years of security patch updates, and during this time, replacement components must be made. Replacements for older smartphones will still have to be available and offered “at a reasonable price”. This seven-year period is two years longer than the previous proposal by the European Commission.

In most cases, smartphone manufacturers only provide 3 years of security patch updates for their smartphones, with Samsung this number is 4. Therefore, even the European Commission recommends with a period of time. 5 years, this is also a challenge for any smartphone brand. Currently, most new Android flagships receive the fastest updates and are supported for a long time, while mid-range or low-cost smartphones will often be abandoned after only 1 to 2 years of launch.

Heise Online adds that the industry association DigitalEurope, which represents brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple, is opposing the German proposal. More specifically, DigitalEurope believes that providing three 3 security patches and 2 years of operating system updates annually is still the mandatory standard and does not need to be changed.

Besides smartphone manufacturers, chipset manufacturers and smartphone service providers will also have to cooperate to be able to provide updates lasting for 7 years to users. If this proposal is approved, not only in Germany but users in many other markets around the world will also be able to receive 7 years of updates for their smartphones. This seems to be a big difficulty for any manufacturer, especially for small-scale manufacturers.

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