Germany requires manufacturers to support smartphone software and hardware for 7 years

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The new German proposal may make it difficult for smartphone manufacturers to provide support periods of up to 7 years.

According to Heise Online, a new bill has recently been introduced by the German government, proposing smartphone manufacturers to support software updates for users for 7 years, along with hardware support. at a reasonable price” during this period. The seven-year period is two years longer than the five-year proposal proposed by the European Commission earlier.

Currently, most smartphones will only be supported for a maximum of 3 years of security patch updates and 2 years of operating system updates, this number with Samsung is 4 years and 3 years. With the strong fragmentation of Android, it is extremely difficult to update software for low-cost to high-end devices in a long time. Therefore, most will only have high-end models that are updated for a long time, while mid-range and low-cost models will often be abandoned after only about 1 to 2 years of use.

Also according to Heise Online, the industry association DigitalEurope, which represents brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple, is opposing the German proposal. DigitalEurope believes that providing three 3 security patches and 2 years of operating system updates annually is still the norm and does not need to be changed.

However, to meet the proposal of Germany and the European Commission, it is not only smartphone manufacturers that must cooperate with chipset manufacturers as well as smartphone service providers. will have to extend the support period for each model. This will be a big challenge as well as costly to be able to maintain updates for many models for a long time.

Apple is currently still the leading smartphone manufacturer in software updates for users. iPhone models released from 2014, 2015 can still be updated to new operating system versions. Even with iOS versions with serious security holes discovered, Apple still releases security patches for devices that are not supported to upgrade to the latest iOS.

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